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Does your child have a mind filled with creativity and doesn’t believe in the word ‘impossible’?

If so, you want to hear about KidpreneurLife Membership. Because we love that children are big dreamers, our mission is to help kids imagine, learn and create. Put it all together and we’re working with children to let them know they can be entrepreneurs right now.

*Your Kidpreneur will receive (1) Bizzy Box per year. Each year your child will learn a new business.

Young Mogul
Membership includes:

  • KPL digital workbook 
  • Unlimited access to the KidpreneurLife MBA course 
  • Young Mogul podcast featured interview 
  • Live monthly instructional call 
  • – Annual Bizzy Box 

In the initial box, and with the subscription, your child will receive:

  • Business Cards
  • Logo Design
  • Flyer Template
  • Instructional Videos
  • Much More!

Real Life Kidpreneur

With Bizzy Box, your child will be a real-life Kidpreneur, and each year they’ll have access to a new business opportunity.

Everything Your Child Needs

This subscription gives your child everything they need to get started with their very own business venture.

Every year, for as long as your subscription is active, your child will receive materials for another business venture (predetermined based on the year) by mail, online access, or both.

All subscriptions renew automatically, but you can cancel any time.

The Perfect Gift

Discover all the fun your young Entrepreneur can uncover with a monthly subscription to KidpreneurLife.

Open your child’s eyes…

Giving your child a KidpreneurLife Membership will open his or her eyes and heart to what being a Kidpreneur means.

Passion & work ethic…

You’ll see your child flourish with passion, work ethic, problem-solving skills and more as you open up a new world for your young business mogul.

Entertaining & engaging…

Our Young Mogul subscription teaches kids the nuances of business while still being entertaining, fun and nurturing to their interests.

Invest in your future business mogul with a monthly subscription to become a Young Mogul

All subscriptions renew automatically, but you can cancel any time.

Venture List

Here are a few of the types of businesses your kid will learn about:

  • Lemonade Stand
  • Dog Walker
  • Cupcake Shop
  • Babysitting
  • Farmer
  • T-Shirt Designer
  • Author
  • Web/App/Game Developer
  • Jewelry Designer
  • Donut Shop
  • Petsitter
  • Pet Groomer
  • Car Wash Operator
  • Snow-Cone Maker
  • Candy Store
  • Youtube Personality
  • Slime

Refill Boxes

Your child can purchase a Refill Box for any of their ventures. 

Private Facebook Group Access

Your child will also have access to a private Facebook group to help them run the businesses and get great tips and insights.

Invest in your future business mogul today!

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