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3 ways to give great client service

What is great customer service? Is it giving the customer what they want? Greeting them after they say hi to you? Pointing them in the right direction so they can find the items they need? There are plenty examples of decent customer service.

Great customer service isn’t just giving customers what they want. Rather it’s making sure you’re respectful, addressing their questions/comments/concerns, and not giving into unreasonable demands. After I graduated college, I started a cleaning business. We were featured on Groupon and we had over 200 clients instantly. One of our clients had a really nice house, expensive furniture, and wanted it very clean. She was a nice lady, but really picky when it comes to cleaning her home. We had to use certain products, and she wanted everything cleaned a specific way. At that time we charged her less than $200 to clean her home. I had a 4-person crew that would spend almost 4 hours cleaning her house! That’s how picky she was. When it came time to renew her cleaning contract I decided to let her know we wouldn’t be cleaning her home anymore. Yes, I wanted the money. Yes, I was a new business and needed all the clients I could get. But no way was I going to allow my employees to clean under those conditions, and no way I was going to lose money cleaning her house. If what the client wants causes you to question your integrity, don’t do it. If what the client wants is not in the best interest of your business, don’t do it. You can still have great client service without having to cave into everything your client wants.

Here are 3 short steps to providing excellent client service.

  1. Smile and Greet: Smiling and greeting clients as soon as they visit your establishment is an important client service. Too many times I’ve visited a business and wasn’t greeted. When someone welcomes me to his or her business, I feel comfortable and want to be there. I have a two-minute rule. If I’m not greeted within the first two minutes of walking in, I leave. Smile and greet each customer.
  2. Be Friendly: How many times have you gone to a store and the person who’s suppose to be providing customer service is not in a good mood? This happens a lot. Don’t be that person! In order to provide excellent client service, you have to be friendly. Try smiling, and being nice. Being friendly makes people want to buy more and support your business.
  3. Go over and beyond: We’ll use the grocery store analogy for a second. Clients aren’t employees and don’t know that the Buttermilk Powder has been moved from aisle 17 to aisle 3. If a client can’t find an, instead of pointing to where the item is, walk with them to the area. If your business sells a product, after making a sale write a handwritten thank you note to the client. Do something different, do something to make your clients feel appreciated. Exceed the clients’ expectations.


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