Kidpreneur Spotlight: Photographer, Gavin Lawrey


Gavin Lawrey is an amazingly strong and spirited 8-year-old boy who melts the hearts of everyone he meets. Photographer, Gavin Lawrey
Gavin has been a warrior since the day he came into this world. Born at 35 weeks at only 5 lbs. 3oz, Gavin spent 11 days in the NICU and was sent home at 4 lbs. 3oz. He was able to overcome these initial obstacles and was a healthy baby. However, at 18 months, his life changed forever.

Gavin has since been diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease. Unfortunately, there is NO CURE for this life threatening disease. This disease has wreaked havoc on Gavin’s fragile little body. Seizures, Neuropathy, Paroxysmal Kinesigenic Disease; which is a neurological movement disorder, early onset dementia, muscle and organ weakness and most recently slowing of his brainwaves are just some of the side effects Gavin suffers from, due to his Mito.
Sadly, Gavin was put into Hospice in November of 2013 due to the physical and cognitive regression Mitochondrial disease has taken on his body. This little boy has been through more hospital stays, doctor appointments, blood work, diagnostic testing, and therapies than most adults could ever imagine. To Gavin, this is a ‘normal’ day in his life. He does his very best to meet each life and medical challenge with a smile and one-of-a-kind sense of humor.

Gavin is an awesome Photographer who loves to take pictures of nature. Visit his Facebook page here:

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